Community E.A.R.S. is a community supported agency committed to service to the elderly and disabled members of our community. Community E.A.R.S. offers service plans to meet a variety of needs:

* Care for the elderly.
Helping the elderly members of our community to continue living the way they want...in comfort...in their own homes, where there are memories of a lifetime. Whether in the house or working in the garden..... Family, neighbors or emergency help are never really far away when you need them.

* Community members with disabilities.
Neighbors and loved ones are only a touch of a button away. Systems are custom designed with you in mind to meet your specific needs and desires. Systems are voice interactive and can provide hands free communication on a day to day basis.

* About Emergency Alert Response Units:
* All EAR units are programmed for your home, and can not be used by anyone else. All emergency responders are chosen by you, allowing you to custom design your own emergency response plan.

* All units work with AT&T, Cable or most other Internet telephone service.

* All units are voice interactive. This means you speak to a live person, not a machine.

* Personal response buttons are sleek, light weight, can be worn in the shower and can be worn as a pendant, or on the wrist.

* All EAR units are table top mounted. No special wiring is required.

* There is no equipment to buy or maintain. Everything is included in your monthly monitoring*.

* All EAR equipment is of the highest quality, and provides trouble free service.

*Total Destruction, Theft, Loss, Intentional or otherwise of any unit or part is excluded.

"Peace of mind for the price of a cup of coffee....."
Seniors Serving Seniors Since 1998